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Plug in to transform your toaster oven into an automated reflow soldering station. No need to break the bank on a commercial reflow oven or hack at high-voltage wiring Now available on our store!

Reflowster turns your standard toaster oven into an easy-to-use reflow soldering oven without breaking the bank.

Hobbyists interested in taking their projects to the next level with reflow soldering typically face the problem of finding an affordable solution. Commercially available reflow ovens are often prohibitively expensive as they are typically marketed for industrial soldering.

21 Jul 2015 - Blog: Controlling your Roku with a voice interface (via Amazon Echo)

Amazon Echo is the Siri for your home. Named "Alexa", she sits in your living room and listens for her name followed by a command. As a new device, her default functionality is limited to managing todo and shopping lists, playing music on Pandora or TuneIn radio, and controlling a few of the Phillips Hue and Belkin WeMo smart lights and devices.

The power and value of the Amazon Echo is not, however, from it's default functionality. Amazon has recently opened the Echo up for developers through the Alexa Skills Kit. Using this, anyone can add their own functionality to Alexa, allowing you to control anything with your voice alone.

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19 May 2015 - Reflowster is now available from Mint Tek in Ireland!

Reflowster is teaming up with Mint Tek Circuits to make purchasing Reflowsters in Europe easier. Mint Tek will be selling Reflowsters on their web store which will avoid prohibitive international shipping costs and delays.

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14 May 2015 - The Reflowster setup video is now live!

This video covers installing the thermocouple, connecting Reflowster, and configuring your first reflow.

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11 May 2015 - Blog: The internet of things and the ESP8266

Connecting to the internet is often an extremely powerful way to extend or control your projects. For a long time, there simply weren’t any very good options for doing this without either breaking the bank or reinventing the wheel. Makers everywhere rejoice; that time has come to an end.

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09 Apr 2015 - Preorders have all shipped and Reflowster is now available!

Phew, I've just gotten back from the Post Office dropping off the last of the preorders! Thanks again to everyone who preordered, your support was extremely helpful in getting our production underway. As you may have noticed, the preorder batch took a little bit longer than we expected. There were a few contributing factors to this delay, not the least of which is the fact that there was a slightly longer than expected lead time on some of the parts in our Bill of Materials.

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