32% backed in 24 hours

by | 3 April 2014

Wow! We were pretty sure that you guys would like Reflowster, but we had no idea that we'd make so much progress on our funding goal so quickly! A huge thank you to all of our backers for your contributions.

Before launch, we could never quite banish the fear that we might not make our backing goal. (The discussion for where to set the goal was longer than it should have been.) However, the impressive amount of support we've gotten so far has definitely changed our tune. We're now very optimistic that not only will our goal be met, but we might be able to start thinking about stretch goals!

We welcome any ideas you, our backers, might have for stretch goals. We've considered the possibility of adding a small tone generator to let Reflowster notify you when the PCB is complete. Another possibility for the hackers among you would be breaking out a few pins with a simple header to allow extending Reflowster via SPI or analog pins to further improve the hobby potential.

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