Multicolor Status LED

by | 4 April 2014

One of the features that our prototype of Reflowster boasts is a WS2812 Neopixel status LED. For those of you unfamiliar, the neopixel is a RGB LED with a built in control mechanism that allows you set a full range of colors as the status.

The status LED works like a charm! We've whipped up a simple demo of the LED changing colors and blinking for you to see but we haven't quite decided how we want the LED to behave in the base Reflowster firmware yet.

Another new toy that we've been playing with is a piezo buzzer. We mentioned it as a potential stretch goal in the last update, but decided that we didn't really need to wait to incorporate it. It probably won't fit into our current prototype, but the next revision of the controller board already has the buzzer incorporated.

If you have any ideas for what sort of status indicator behavior using the tricolor LED would be useful or want to weigh in on the piezo buzzer, let us know!

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