International shipping and alternative enclosure

by | 10 April 2014

International Shipping

We've added a new backing level! We've had a number of people interested in having Reflowster shipped to Canada. We've done our due diligence and figured out exactly what it will take and have added a new option for shipping around the world.

Remember, Reflowster isn't compatible with international outlets so if you're taking advantage of our international shipping, you may need provide your own means of adapting Reflowster to your outlets. (Reflowster should work fine in Canada because we use the same outlet)

Potential Enclosure Change

Another thing that we've been thinking about is Reflowster's enclosure. As you've seen in our video and images, we're using a wall wart style enclosure designed to make Reflowster a very simple and contained device that is easy to transport and set up.

As we've been using Reflowster, however, we've been noticing some limitations to this design. The toaster oven that we're using (and many typical ovens) use a short power cord in order to be less hassle when powered by a kitchen counter's outlet. Additionally, the thermocouple lead requires that the toaster oven remain fairly close to Reflowster. Because of this, the current design works much better when powered with an extension cord.

In order to help with some of these minor inconveniences, we're entertaining the possibility of doing a redesign on the exterior enclosure. The redesign would be almost entirely external and require few changes to the interior circuit board but could potentially provide a smoother experience when setting up your reflow station. Moving to this new design would not impact schedule.

Here is a sketch of what the new case might look like: A mock up of our new Reflowster design showing two IEC cords coming out of the bottom of Reflowster

Your feedback is important to us and we'd like to hear from you. Which design do you prefer and why? Please leave a comment here or message us if you have an opinion either way.

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