Considering the possibility of international compatibility

by | 14 April 2014

It’s been a busy week here for us and while we don’t have anything set in stone to update you on, we have been considering some interesting options.

As you probably know, our original design ran using a fixed linear power supply and would only support 120V AC. We’re currently in the process of investigating changing our power supply to a switching power supply that will support both 120V and 240V. This will not affect our backers in the US, but our international backers may find this to be crucial to their backing decision. If we end up making the switch for the final version, Reflowster will be compatible with international voltages.

If you’ve been following our updates, you probably already know that we’ve been considering moving away from the wall-wart design of the Reflowster in our video. The feedback that we’ve gotten has been pretty positive so far and we’re definitely leaning toward that as an option. In addition to switching to a box with cords design, we’re considering using IEC-C13 and IEC-C14 plugs on Reflowster and bundling a set of cables. IEC-C13/C14 are the standard plugs that most computer power supplies and monitors use. A close up of the in and out versions of the IEC connectors that we'll be using on Reflowster

This design, combined with the power supply upgrade will make Reflowster entirely internationally compatible, though our international backers might need to procure their own IEC compatible cables. (We haven’t decided whether we can get a good price on the international cables yet)

These changes we’ve been discussing are all still in their preliminary phases of design and we haven’t set anything in stone yet. Above all, we’re committed to delivering Reflowster as a quality product in a timely manner and are holding off on making promises for these new designs until we are able to verify that they will work as we expect them to.

We will be keeping you updated on these changes and are making a push to get some testing done ASAP so that we can confirm international compatibility before our Kickstarter closes and give our international backers time to upgrade their pledge.

If we don’t manage to get this information out before the end of our backing period but still end up with an internationally compatible Reflowster, we will send out an email update to international backers to give you the opportunity to pre-order Reflowster for delivery with the other Kickstarter orders.

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