Working Hard

by | 25 April 2014

In our last couple updates we've been talking about changing Reflowster's design a bit to make it more usable and to hopefully make it universally compatible with voltages all over the world. With your help, we've brainstormed a couple ways to make this all come together. The two PCBs you see below are two different prototype designs, both of which we think have promise. We just sent the designs out to our friends at SeeedStudio to get them manufactured. Ordering two different designs at the same time allows us to test out new ideas and find problems twice as fast.

A view of the Gerber files of our latest PCBs. There are two different designs using two different connectors that we're considering

One thing you'll notice just from looking at it is that we've been careful to maximize the creepage distance between the AC side and the low voltage side where the microcontroller is. These designs have 8mm separation in all locations, which is significantly more than required by UL or IEC standards. This is just one of the things we're doing to make sure you and your hardware stay safe while using Reflowster.

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