The Final Countdown!

by | 28 April 2014

With a little more than two days left in our campaign, we'd like to tie up a few loose ends.

First and foremost, we'd like to thank all of our backers for your wonderful support and extend a slightly shameless plug to have you once again share our Kickstarter with your friends and communities that may be interested in owning a Reflowster.

Next, we'd like to update our international backers. If you've been following our previous updates, you know that we're currently aiming for a completely internationally compatible Reflowster. This process is well underway and we hope to be building the first internationally compatible prototype within the next few weeks. As soon as this prototype is finished, we will be sending an update/email/notification out to all backers who have backed at the $2 "Reflowster isn't compatible with my plugs" level. This message will contain a link to allow you to order an internationally compatible Reflowster unit. We will ONLY be providing the option to order a Reflowster in this way if you have backed at this level, orders will not be open to the public until after we finish delivering our Kickstarter batch. Orders placed this way will be delivered at the same time as the rest of the Kickstarter batch.

For our Canadian backers, if you haven't already upgraded your pledge to the $120 level for international shipping, please do so before the end of the campaign. If for some reason you are located elsewhere in the world and are either very confident in our ability or are okay with the possibility of Reflowster being only US-plug compatible, you can also back at this level to have it delivered to you internationally.

All things considered, we at Team Reflowster are extremely happy with how progress is going here and agree that we're ahead of schedule and likely to ship Reflowster earlier than our original December 2014 estimate.

  • Team Reflowster
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