Initial Prototype Assembly Complete!

by | 13 May 2014

All of the PCBs and parts arrived earlier last week and we started the first assembly of the new version of Reflowster. As expected, the first assembly revealed a few minor bugs in the circuit board but nothing that we weren't able to easily update for the next version and install minor work-arounds to remedy. Soldering some wires onto the new version of the Reflowster PCB

By the end of our first day of working with the new design, we were pleased to find that our switching power supply worked exactly as expected and gave us the 5v that we expected. Building it out has given us a few ideas for minor improvements that we'll implement for the next version.

 Here is the completely assembled PCB with all of the parts on it. It is being powered from the wall outlet and if you look carefully you can see the status LED going through a test pattern. We still have the case to work on and a bit of updating to the code to do before we consider the prototype complete, but the fact that we've gotten this far in only two days bodes extremely well for our schedule.

The fact that our switch-mode power supply (SMPS) is working means that we're just about ready to start collecting orders from our International backers who live in countries that don't run 115VAC. Due to the success of the SMPS, Reflowster is on track to support voltages from 90 to 240 and plug-types from all around the globe! For those of you who backed at the $2 international level, be expecting an email in the next few weeks with a link to allow you to order a Reflowster as part of the initial batch.

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