Preliminary FCC Testing and Form-factor Update

by | 27 May 2014

Hello everybody, it's been one month since we finished our Kickstarter campaign and we want to show off our progress! Let's get right to it. A boxed up and working unit using the new design

As we've mentioned before, Reflowster's form factor has changed since we launched our Kickstarter. Two reasons for this: usability and international compatibility. As cool as the wall-wart was, it was actually kind of a pain to use unless your wall outlet was right next to your toaster oven. The new design adds standard C13/14 modular cables to the power input and output, which allows both greater flexibility and also the option of using regional-specific cables. Want to use Reflowster in Australia, France, Brazil, etc? No problem, just attach the standard cable and you're good to go. We're happy with this design, and we expect that the final version will look similar to what you see above.

One of the risks we talked about was FCC certification. We want to make sure that Reflowster doesn't interfere with any of your other electric devices. We just did a preliminary test on the prototype you see above in an anechoic chamber here in Silicon Valley, and the results were pretty great! A preliminary FCC testing result shows that we're doing extremely well on our emissions!

We're not EMI experts, but the long and short of it is that Reflowster (blue line) is way below the maximum allowable (red line). There are more tests to be done of course, but these results are really promising.

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