Parts are ordered in quantity and we're closing down on our final design

by | 23 June 2014

Hello all,

It's been a busy month, so we wanted to let you know what's been happening. Basically we've been testing everything to make sure it works, putting some finishing touches on the design, and buying all the parts we need to build all your Reflowsters. Let's start off with a progress picture: Arrayed in a row, here are a number of our different revisions of Reflowster starting with a breadboard and ending in May

From left to right, the guts of Reflowster over time. Look how the quality and complexity improved after the Kickstarter, thanks to your support! The other thing to notice is that the last two boards look very similar. This is because we think the design is pretty solid, and from here on out we're making very small changes. There is a "June" PCB that is in design right now that incorporates everything we learned from the April and May boards.

So what did we learn from the April and May boards? For starters, we found out that the micro USB port we had originally chosen wasn't really that reliable. So we've switched that out for a different one on the June board. We upgraded our main 5V capacitor from electrolytic to Tantalum in order to improve power quality, corrected a minor problem with the internal SPI bus, and added parts to improve the ESD protection on the USB port.

The only "custom" part of Reflowster other than the PCB is the enclosure, and we're excited to announce that we've placed the order for those. The below image is a model of our enclosure, without the printed text/logos.
This is a 3D model of the case cutouts that we're going to be submitting to Polycase for machining

In fact, we're so happy with the design at this point that we've ordered all the parts! That's right, enough parts to build all your Reflowsters and more. After we get the parts, it'll take some time to finalize the PCB, perform FCC certification testing, and of course assemble/ship everything. Even so, it would seem that we're well ahead of schedule.

If everything goes according to plan, our next update in 3-4 weeks will be the first ever picture of a real, production-ready Reflowster.

International backers: We unfortunately have been so busy with the core development of Reflowster that we haven't quite gotten the international order form sent out yet but we still plan on making your Reflowsters part of the first batch, hang tight while we figure that out!

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