Ten Reflowsters

by | 5 August 2014

Hey guys and gals,

About a week ago we crossed a major threshold. Previously we had been building prototypes one at a time, each a little different from the last, each with it's own quirks etc. Last week however we built 10 identical Reflwosters all from the same parts, with the same firmware, on a miniature assembly line. They all work, and have been performing exactly as they should. The design is now done, we're happy with it, and we placed the order for 200+ Reflowster PCBs just today.

Because of schedule constraints, we can't really perform the full assembly of all the units until early September. So we're using the month of August to polish the firmware, work on our website, make detailed plans for assembly, unit test, and shipment, etc. It's not all very exciting work, but we think it'll be important for helping the reward delivery go smoothly. Five fully assembled Reflowsters

Thanks to your support, we're on track to ship Reflowster on or ahead of schedule.

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