First batch of Reflowsters is officially shipped!

by | 1 October 2014

After a few rounds of assembly, we finally took a break to box up some of the Reflowsters and send them on their way. Today we shipped 15 special edition Reflowsters complete with their extras. (The toaster ovens and extension cords are not yet shipped and will arrive separately)

The first batch of Reflowsters boxed up and ready to go in the back of my car

Special edition Reflowsters come with a yellow/gold LED display instead of the red one. Instead of spending a lot of time distinguishing them in other ways, we decided that you guys would prefer getting your Reflowsters as soon as possible, so we've shipped these special edition Reflowsters to our higher-tier backers ahead of the pack. If you have any problems with your reward, let us know and we'll straighten it out.

To the rest of our backers, don't fret! Your Reflowsters will be on their way soon enough. We've been hard at work pumping Reflowsters out and have a number of them in various stages of the pipeline. We'll continue shipping Reflowsters as they are ready and hope to have all of them delivered by the end of November!

A tray full of assembled Reflowsters ready for boxing up

Now that Reflowster is "officially" out in the wild, we'd like to take the time to highlight the resources that we have for you to help you get started with Reflowster and to let you contribute back to the Reflowster community.

First and foremost, if you haven't visited already, definitely check out our website at Under the resources heading, you'll find the official Reflowster manual and a quick start guide to reflow soldering. If you're just getting started, these documents will hopefully be very helpful to getting you off to the races using your Reflowster.

The next important place that you should be sure to visit is our subreddit dedicated to Reflowster. This will be the home of the Reflowster community, any questions you might have, cool projects that you've used Reflowster for, or tips for other hobbyists using Reflowster. Our Beta-testers have already been posting there. Join the conversation at

For those of you who are inclined toward the software side of things and may have an Arduino trick or two up your sleeves, you will certainly want to follow us on Github. We have a Github organization that is currently home to two repositories. You can find the organization at

The first repository is "Reflowster" which contains all of the library code for working with the Reflowster unit. If you're interested in using Reflowster for something other than reflow soldering and want access to the hardware, you can download this Arduino library and get started immediately.

The second repository, "Reflowster_Reflow" contains the latest version of the Reflowster firmware that is the brains for your reflow soldering. If you're curious about what makes Reflowster tick, notice a bug, or have a feature you want to add, you can clone this repository and upload any changes you make directly to your Reflowster through the micro USB programming interface and the Arduino IDE.

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