Shipping Update

by | 6 November 2014

The last month has been pretty crazy for us, both of independently ended up moving during the latter half of October. One of us into a storage unit for travel and the other of us, across the country. As such, our time dedicated to Reflowster has had a slight dip and that has slowed us down a little getting these final few waves done.

Despite this, we've been continuing to assemble Reflowsters, and as of this past Tuesday, every single Kickstarter edition Reflowster is fully assembled and tested! The last batch of domestically bound Reflowsters is sitting in a stack waiting to be picked up by USPS as I write this.

Unfortunately, we were thrown for a loop when we checked international shipping prices with USPS which are pretty astronomical for the boxes that we were using. After this shipment leaves, I'll be running down to the local FedEx to see what they can do for us. What will likely happen is that we need to shrink down the packaging a bit to reduce the volume and then get a unique shipping price to each international destination. At any rate, we're hoping that this process wont take longer than a few days at the absolute maximum.

While testing and debugging this last batch of Reflowsters, we fixed a bug in the firmware that was causing the status LED to be dim. This doesn't seem to affect all Reflowsters, but if you are noticing that your status LED is dim, try updating your firmware to revision 5. To do this, follow the steps under "Checking and updating your Reflowster’s firmware version" in the Reflowster manual on our website.

Now that many of you have gotten your Reflowsters already (and the rest of you will soon), we'd like to hear from you! Find a bug? Have a cool feature idea? Post it to the Reflowster subreddit, as a Github issue, or shoot us an email!

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