Preorders have all shipped and Reflowster is now available!

by Julian Hartline | 9 April 2015

Phew, I've just gotten back from the Post Office dropping off the last of the preorders! Thanks again to everyone who preordered, your support was extremely helpful in getting our production underway. As you may have noticed, the preorder batch took a little bit longer than we expected. There were a few contributing factors to this delay, not the least of which is the fact that there was a slightly longer than expected lead time on some of the parts in our Bill of Materials.

Once the parts were all collected, our manufacturer, Seeedstudio got right to work assembling our Reflowsters. It wasn't long before we ran into another snag. In one of the very minor changes that we made between the Kickstarter batch (that we hand-built) and the first manufactured batch, we managed to make a mistake. One of our parts had a non-standard orientation marker that we overlooked which resulted in the status LED being rotated 180 degrees. Fortunately, this problem was relatively easy to fix, all that needed to be done was to reconfigure the machines to place the LED on the other direction. It took only a few days to fix the issue and finish out the production batch.

Amusingly enough, finally on April 1st, the batch of Reflowsters arrived at our "warehouse" (emphasis the house!). We were careful to clarify that we weren't kidding as we announced their arrival for fear of people thinking that we were trying to make April Fools out of them.

Our optimistic prediction that we might get the Reflowsters out before the end of the week missed its mark by a few days as we discovered a minor problem that affected a few of the completed Reflowsters. We tested a number of them over a prolonged period and found that some would suddenly freeze in an invalid state while powered from the wall. It turned out that soldering an additional small capacitor resolved the issue completely and was easy to do.

With this resolved, we finally started putting the bare Reflowster circuitboards into their cases and assembling the shipment units. It didn't take long to get these together and we were able to add an additional few orders that came in over the weekend too. Life happened and our plans to drop them off at the post office on Monday ended up being dropping them off on Wednesday instead.

Some of you who ordered may have gotten a shipment notification over the weekend and we've received some confused email about how the tracking information was stuck in "pre-shipment". This is because the shipment notifications were sent automatically when we printed the address labels and we didn't quite get to dropping them off in an expedient fashion. Sorry for the confusion, but rest assured that all of those orders are now shipped!

Thanks again for all of your wonderful support and helping us turn what once seemed like a pipe dream into an actual company with an actual product and from the sounds of it, a bunch of people who are pretty happy with their Reflowsters! :D

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