Reflowster is now available from Mint Tek in Ireland!

by Julian Hartline | 19 May 2015

Reflowster is teaming up with Mint Tek Circuits to make purchasing Reflowsters in Europe easier. Mint Tek will be selling Reflowsters on their web store which will avoid prohibitive international shipping costs and delays.

Mint Tek Circuits is an exciting startup in Ireland that's dedicated to bringing you quick and easy turn around for your PCB Prototyping needs. They do the legwork for hunting down a supplier and managing requirements. Furthermore, they've been active in the maker community by attending faires, aggregating maker-centered events, and blogging maker-relevant news.

They put Reflowster to the test by soldering upwards of 50 PCBs in a single day at Maker Faire UK 2015. You can read all about their booth at the faire in the blog post about it.

To get a quote on a prototype PCB, you can use their quote generation form.

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